AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Someone I’ve met is getting married! This is amazing! I’m so excited! This has given me feelings of hope and joy and YAYS! 

“But TJ,” I hear you ask, “People get married all the time” 

And my reply, “They do…

But this time a lady that I’ve met proposed to her girlfriend and now they are engaged! 

In Australia equality for LGBTQQI+ people falls way below acceptable. Granted, I can not be gaoled or killed for being a member of the LGBTQQI+ community and I am sorry to all those in the world that are, but “C’MON AUSSIE” get your equality shit together. For me to be 19 years old and to never have MET anyone who is even engaged to a member of the same sex IS FRICKIN RIDICULOUS!

But now, at last, that has changed, I have met a lady who is to be married to her bride in New Zealand.

Does everyone else see the illegitimacy of same sex marriage the same as INTERRACIAL Marriage was? Look how idiotic those people look now! “C’MON AUSSIE C’MON”. 

So, to the happy couples out there engaged or married or the singles experiencing some equality, I hope that all countries will join you one day, and Australia sooner rather than later. C’MON AUSSIE!  

Love Ya, TJ.  



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